Neue Epson 4K Pro-UHD Beamer angekündigt.

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  • Neue Epson 4K Pro-UHD Beamer angekündigt.

    MOIN MOIN und guten Abend aus dem osterlichen Hamburg.

    Laut einer Meldung im ASV-Forum kündigt Epson neue 4K Pro-UHD Beamer an. Habe euch hier mal den Text von der Meldung rein kopiert und den Link zu dem Forum auch noch dran gehängt. Viel Spass beim lesen.

    New Epson 4K Pro-UHD Projector First Look & Live Demo

    Epson is hosting an exclusive meetup for AVS Forum members in
    Manhattan on Tuesday, May 7. Come see what’s new in Pro-UHD projectors
    from Epson and meet other AVS Forum members!
    RSVP now for a special evening in Manhattan with Epson and AVS Forum
    Editor Mark Henninger. On Tuesday, May 7 2019 from 4:30 PM to 8 PM, a
    select group of lucky home theater enthusiasts will gather for
    discussions and demonstrations at Gilmore’s Sound Advice.

    If you are interested in projectors and home theater, and are able to
    attend this event—exclusively for AVS Forum members—please register here.

    You’ll get to discuss what you see with AV Expert Scott Wilkinson, who
    will be interviewing attendees on camera one the demos are done.

    There are only 25 slots available and we want to make sure they are all
    filled, so please only register if you are confident you will attend.


    – Live product demo on the day it announces!

    – Be the first to see it

    – Snacks and Beverages

    – Chat with AV Expert Scott Wilkinson

    – Tuesday, May 7 at Gilmore’s Sound Advice in NYC

    – Gilmore’s Sound Advice at 599 11th Avenue, 5th Floor, New York

    – 4:30 PM – 8 PM

    – Onsite registration opens at 4 PM, so please arrive on time

    - You must be pre-registered and confirmed to attend, no exceptions!

    Register Now

    I’m looking forward to a very special event, so I hope to see you there!

    Please note that seating is limited so all registrants may not be confirmed.

    Und hier der Link zu dem Forum.…first-look-live-demo.html

    cu Michael.
  • Ich habe irgendwo gelesen, dass es den TW-9400 bisher in den USA noch nicht gibt und jetzt nur diese US Version vom 9400 vorgestellt werden soll...
    Oder weiß jemand etwas über neue native 4K Projektoren von Epson?
    Video meines Wohnzimmer Heimkinos :)…0_allgem_Abspann.wmv?dl=0
    *Wohnzimmer: Variable Maskierung, JVC DLA N7, Spalluto WS S DE 4-Format Multiformat Tension Leinwand 3,05m*
    *Zweitkino: WS Spalluto 16:9 Leinwand, BenQ W2000*
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